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“Coming back to school, after years of passing out, feels like coming back home…” This is what we get to hear from each and every BBPS alumnus when they visit us.

Students past and present are what any school is all about. Faculty and staff are vital as well, but students are unique in that they will forever fill a role—whether they are current students or long graduated. It is easy to lose track of graduates after they embark on their various careers, but not with a school like ours, where the attachment only continues to grow.

The alumni create a school’s reputation, which relies in large part on how successful they are in the real world. Our school is well known for producing graduates that are intelligent, innovative, and effective in their fields, and hence our reputation grows further.

Who knows what today’s students will go on to achieve? It is in everyone’s best interest to recognise these achievements of the alumni and feed them back into the school, so that current students can learn and aspire from accessible role models, and in turn, flourish and give back when the time comes.

Indeed, a school’s alumni presence also serves to benefit the existing pupils in the sense that it allows them to aspire to the success of former students. The school’s top academic scholars have the opportunity to be mentored by successful alumni who have gone on to achieve success in their chosen field.

As and when they come back to their alma mater, they make us feel very proud and give us every reason to continue believing in them.

Are you a BBPS alumnus? Stay in touch!  

For any query please mail us at bbpsalumni#bluebells.org


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