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Our Vision & Mission


To combine our rich heritage and human capital with emerging global best practices in education to create and foster an environment of excellence in learning.



To play a pivotal role in the positive development of the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical faculties of our students. To provide a safe, compassionate, collaborative, and stimulating ecosystem that will help our children emerge as balanced individuals with higher aspirations, and enable them to discover their true potential.



Our logo has a protected arc symbolising the safe environment of the institution, and at the same time, leaving space for unbounded growth. The lit candle inside dispels darkness and stands for empowering ignited minds with the freedom to be what they want to be. The blue shade symbolises trust, loyalty, and wisdom, while yellow stands for hope and happiness.



‘Be Honest Be Brave’ is the motto of the school. The school believes in imbibing the virtue of honesty in all Blue Bellians. An honest person stands steadfast on the strong footing of his value system. The virtue of honesty also inculcates the courage to brave all challenges in life. Blue Bellians are prepared to face the challenges of life with honesty in their hearts and courage in their minds.


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