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Identity Card




Students are issued identity cards (I-Card) as per the instructions of the local governing authorities. Parents are requested to note that these I-Cards are for the security of their own ward, and hence, should be retained and maintained by the student for the entire session.


  • The school issues a set of two identity cards with colour coding: one for the student and the other to be retained by the parent. It is mandatory for the parents to produce their copy of the I-Card when visiting the school for any purpose or when receiving the child.
  • Students are expected to carry their I-Cards to school every day. No student shall be allowed to enter the school premises without their I-Card once it has been issued.
  • In case a student loses the I-Card, it is mandatory that he/she should get a new I-Card issued on payment of necessary charges.
  • The previous session’s I-Card must be worn by the student until a new one is issued.
  • In case the child misplaces/loses the I-Card, a duplicate I-Card can be issued on request.

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