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Fee Norms


  1. Parents must deposit the fee payable at the time of admission (details are available at the accounts office) at the school’s fee counter either online, by cheque, or by demand draft. Subsequently, the fee is payable every quarter. Parents must pay all annual charges along with the fee payable in April (in the years after admission).
  2. Parents must deposit the quarterly fee in April, July, October, and January by online mode, bank draft, or CTS-compliant cheque. The last day for fee deposit will be the 15th of the months mentioned above, failing which:
    • A late fee of Rs 50 per day will be charged till the 20th.
    • From the 21st to 25th of the month, a late fee of Rs 100 per day will be charged.
    • From 26th onwards, Rs 200 per day will be charged till the last working day of the month.
  1. To ease the financial burden of parents, the school now allows the payment of fees on a monthly basis. If parents wish to opt for this mode, they must submit the request form at the reception by 20 March. If we do not receive the request from any parent by the due date, we will understand that the parent wishes to continue with the quarterly mode.
  2. Instead of the fee booklet, we will send the fee invoice to parents on or before 31 March.
  3. Payment can be made online through the link given below. The link is also available on the school’s website. The Accounts office will also accept the fee through a cheque/demand draft/cash. We humbly request you to avoid paying in cash.
  4. Parents must pay the fees for the months of May-June and February-March together.
  5. If parents wish to opt for the monthly payment mode, then the last day for fee deposit will be the 10th of every month, failing which a late fee of Rs 50 per day will be charged till 15th; from 16th to the 20th, a late fee of Rs 100 per day will be charged; Rs 150 per day will be charged till the 25th of the month.
  6. The school is not responsible for sending reminders for the payment of fees.

Link for online payment of fees: Click Here

Parents may please note:

1. After the 27th (of the month of fee payment), we will accept only cash.

2. If for any reason the bank dishonours a cheque, we will charge the concerned parent Rs 200.

3. The school will not accept outstation cheques for fee payment.

4. We request parents to note that the last date for the payment of fees will be the last working day of the month (with the late fee fine). After that, the name of the student shall be struck off the rolls without any reminder or notification. The school may do a re-admission of the student upon payment of an amount equal to 50% of the admission fee. However, this will be entirely at the Principal’s/Management’s discretion and depend on the availability of seats.

5. The school may revise the fee structure at any time, without any prior notice to parents, whenever it is deemed essential, decided, and approved by the Managing Committee.

6. Parents who wish to obtain a Tuition Fee Certificate from the school for Income Tax rebate purposes must present the counter-slip of the paid invoice, along with an application, to the school office.

7. The school shall debar any student who has outstanding dues for the session from taking the final examination. Further, we will not promote the student to the next class.

8. In case of any dispute, difference, or grievance, students or parents may approach the management. The decision of the management will be final and binding on both parties.



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